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Yoga is the art and science of well-being and mindful inquiry.  It is an exploration into the direct experience of living – at our fullest expression, our deepest purpose.  When we engage in physical practice with awareness and compassion, we invite spaciousness and relaxation into areas of holding and tension.  When we enhance mindfulness and quality of the breath, we enable the flow of life force energy, or prana,  through the energy meridians of the body, allowing for healing and transformation to take place.  The practice of yoga can also reverberate the deepest chords in our hearts, revealing over and over again the beauty and wholeness of the authentic Self.  This ancient and guided path offers its practitioners greater access to well being, insight, and love.

May you find the information offered here helpful on your journey.  I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with you.



What students have to say…

“As a beginning student of yoga I have found Nancy to be an exceptional instructor. With her guidance, I found my center within the first session, both physically and mindfully with ease. I look forward to many more wonderful discoveries with her as my teacher. Each class has continued to bring me to new and wonderful levels within my self.”  –  Jenelle F., Healdsburg

“A newbie to yoga. But now a convert. Nancy is thoughtful, insightful, gentle yet willing to push one to new heights. I can’t say enough good things about what she has taught me. It’s the highlight of my fortnights.” – James T., Santa Rosa

“I really enjoy this class.  It is informative, relaxing, strengthening, soothing, and enlightening.  My body, mind and soul feel so much better after your class.” – Diane M., Santa Rosa

“Nancy shares the best of what she’s experienced and learned through her own dedicated practice.  She invites us to suspend personal judgements of self, to gently challenge and coax body confidence, to explore and be curious about our physical edges in postures and movement to attain deeper connection. Her teaching style and healing atmosphere enable one to trust and reach for our highest individual wellness of body and spirit, which has resulted in moments of profound contentedness in my yoga journey with her.” – Maria I., Sebastopol

“A fulfilling experience… I look forward to my weekly class whole-heartedly.”  – Edie B., Santa Rosa

“I attended Nancy’s workshop ‘The Quality of the Pose’ and felt amazing at the end.  Not only did she provide a thorough foundation during her informational portion of the workshop, she provided integration of what she shared in the beginning in our practice at the end.  She speaks with knowledge, kindness, and her passion and love for yoga truly come through and is palpable.  I look forward to taking another class or workshop with Nancy.” – Julie C., Sonoma

“I was a student in classes taught by Nancy Gaeden at 2 Up Yoga in Santa Rosa at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts campus.  The particular class was called “Gentle Kripalu”, and was suitable for me as a relative beginner seeking yoga as a way of coming back to my body after an injury.  I’ve enjoyed gentle, beginner to intermediate yoga off and on over the years, particularly when I find a teacher who leads with gentleness and acceptance. This is important to me as a person with body image issues. Nancy is a particularly gifted practitioner. Her sessions are meditative, freeing, self-affirming. Nancy’s gentle voice reminds me, in the most unobtrusive way, to be present, to accept, to surrender. My precious time in her sessions has been some of the most therapeutic I’ve ever spent. Nancy is humble, friendly, and un-self-conscious as an instructor.  She naturally expresses love – non-judgmental, sincere, unconditional, truthful love. And she offers it in a way that enables the student to recognize it in her own being, quite beautifully. Her class was a transformative, healing experience for me. Though she is not currently teaching at 2 Up, I very much look forward to the next opportunity I have to practice with Nancy.  I recommend Nancy’s teaching for anyone, but especially for anyone who, like me, is learning to love herself.” – Tamara E., Healdsburg



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