“The highest form of spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.” – Swami Kripalu


For me, Yoga is an inquiry into the Self.   It is an exploration of experience through the most intimate tools we came with – body, mind, and breath.   As we approach yoga practice on the mat, more so than manipulating the limbs into arbitrary shapes, we focus on the quality of our attention in the moment.   Through this affectionate curiosity of our relationship with sensation and experience, we come to know ourselves deeper – our perceived limitations, our attitudes inward, our habitual ways of being, and we learn to explore these veils from a vantage point of compassionate non-judgmental awareness.   As this awareness grows, we tap into an even deeper self – the witness consciousness, the joy of expressing the Self in the world, and the peaceful equanimity and fearlessness that comes with knowing that we ARE, as the Bhagavad Gita stated, Infinite, Eternal, and Whole.