“The universe is conspiring in your favor.  Always.” – The Alchemist


 Are you considering starting a yoga practice but not sure how?

Would you like to learn basic postures and yoga fundamentals before joining a public class?

Are you looking to develop a home practice customized for you?

Would you like personalized guidance to enhance your existing practice?

Are you looking to explore yoga as a therapy for existing health conditions?


If you are considering these questions, one-on-one yoga sessions may be a good fit for you.  In these sessions, I offer my undivided attention to clarify and address your specific needs, working with you to develop the most fruitful and rewarding practice.  Private sessions will be focused on enhancing your yoga on and off the mat, fostering deep peace, and allowing for healing and transformation into well-being.

Private yoga sessions are available at my home studio, or possibly in the comfort of your home.

What clients have to say:

“Nancy is an excellent yoga instructor and an inspiration to all her students. Her style is gentle  &  nurturing. She beautifully interweaves  the mind, body & breath into each class  & encourages students to work at their own edge.  I always leave class feeling calm and rejuvenated.” – Ruby A., Kenwood

“I’ve been practicing with Nancy a little over a year in both group and private sessions, and feel incredibly fortunate to have found her. I originally began working with Nancy to alleviate an injury, but in our time together she has shared larger aspects of yoga including techniques to develop a sense of whole body awareness which has permeated to many other parts of my life. As I am a novice practitioner she has shown both patience (to me and my fellow students in group settings) as well as gentle motivation to encourage continuing the experience. I have found each session with her to be greater than the physical experience, reaching beyond any particular asana for a feeling of being fully within the present moment. I have proudly recommended Nancy to my friends and strongly encourage anyone looking to impart a new sense of wellness to their lives to do the same.” – Chris C., Petaluma

“Learning yoga from Nancy has been an astounding experience for me.  She is adept at giving gentle instruction, and my work with her has helped me in measurable and unmeasurable ways. I can move much more freely, and the yoking of breath to yoga poses has given me new ways to regard my breath in almost whatever I do.  I’m awakening!  Breath by breath.” – Pam H., Kenwood

“As a beginning yoga student, I have found my time with Nancy in our private yoga sessions to be incredibly rewarding.  Nancy is a patient teacher filled with great compassion and understanding.  I would recommend Nancy to anyone that is interested in finding health and peace in their own yoga practice.” – Casey H., Kenwood

“Nancy Gaeden is a shining light in the world of yoga where yoga teachers excel on every level. So what criteria is there for discerning excellence and even mastery in a teacher? In mountain climbing parlance, a climb is usually rated numerically between 5.1and 5.10 with 5.10 being the most difficult. In the last few decades, however, excellence and ability has achieved a new threshold, with climbers moving into territory that exceeds the 5.10 rating. I believe yoga practice in this country is moving along a similar trajectory and, having worked with many teachers over 40 years, would grant yoga teacher, Nancy Gaeden a 5.12 status. Yoga practice can be many different things to many people, but in its best sense, is it an inclusive discipline that “gathers” the breath, body, mind and spirit into a cohesive and integrated wholeness. Her teaching especially focuses on the benefits of self care, attention to breath and form, in a body that is both relaxed and supple within spacious mind. In this rarified environment an ever deeper understanding and trust between mind, body and spirit develops. High praise? Indeed.” – Jimalee P., Sebastopol

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